Montoak is a stylish cafe located at the main street of Omotesando - a district famous of its fashion & boutiques, a place congested with architectural experiments by star architects such as MVRDV, Tadao Ando, Kazuo Sejima, Jun Aoki, etc. Hence, a calm interior such as montoak is surely a good escape from the noisy archiscape.

We decided to visit it after having our lunch at Annon cook (as introduced on a previous post) and being tired walking around Harajuku and Omotesando. Well, it was a hot day in September.

We ordered only one chocolate banana ice cream and a piece of maccha(Japanese green tea) cake because we were still very full that moment. However, to our surprise our appetite recovered soon after we took in the first bite. The taste was great and refreshing. It was totally a different experience compare to that of Annon cook, but the choice was well made; the contrast created by banana, the ice cream, and the sweet burned cookie, and the layered cheese and sifon cake captured by a simple piece of cake, marvelous.

I am not sure whether it was because that we found an oasis in the dry city, or if the food was really that good, but our experience was a good one. If you would like me to compare them to that of Paris Seveille (please refer to previous post for details), maybe they were not that great in term of cake-ism. But the balance created by the surrounding and the feeling we had within was nice.

I think they were right when they say they wanted to create an oasis (on montoak's HP).

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