Attic room

A hidden attic is the best place for visitor who searches for peaceful rest in the crowded Shibuya. Although the food served is very simple and not as delicious as they seemed, the interior is quite uniqued. You can choose to sit on you favorite sofa - because they have different kind of seats for your preference. And most of all, I like the low ceiling height. It gave me a feeling that I am back to my childhood again.

A tip for those who are interested, the entrance is quite hard to find, you have to look for a sign with black and red stripes on it. Good luck.


Paris Seveille

This is one of the best place to have cakes in Japan. The place is alwalys full of customers, and you can choose from 10 or more choices of delicious and nice decorated cakes everytime (if only you are lucky to still have them around before sold out). One of my favorite is "ムッシュアルノー(Monsieur Arnaud, or Musshu Aruno- in Japanese pronunciation)". The use of chocolate and hazelnut in this master piece is a irresistible harmony.

Although it is not a spacious cafe, it is a very nice place to enjoy the cakes with friends and family.

P.S. A tip for those who are visiting - around 1:30pm~2pm is the best timing to get a seat easily. I usually go to Paris Seveille after having lunch at the nearby SODA cafe.



One of the cafe that I visited a lot while staying in Nakameguro is Huit. "Huit" means No. 8 in French, which also indicates that this is the No. 8 cafe by the same owner, who was known as the pioneer in promoting cafe culture in Tokyo. However, not knowing the history behind, I just walked into that place because of the tranquil atmosphere.

The interior was created by merely some simple renovation of an old apartment building. Furniture and interior accessories were plain and simple, but seemed to fit well into the environment. They gave a sense of calmness, which is long forgotten by the busy metropolitan life.

Most of all, the food! They were really good. They were so good that everytime I forgot to take their picture, and start enjoying the tasty dish once they landed on my table. It is a shame that I cannot share any nice picture, I should take some when I go again.

This last photo shows the approach to the cafe, which is very simple or should I say, "unpredictable"? You will never know if there is any nice cafe around the corner.


Gute Reise

We visited this cafe during a trip to Kusatsu-Onsen in Japan. We did not expect much but it turned out that the food, service, interior is very nice. Most of the customers seemed like tourist who just need a quick rest, which I think is a waste for a nice cafe like this. As for us, we spent more than an hour here, having the best esperience in this little town famous for its hot spring, not its coffee:)
P.S. The name "Gute Reise" was taken from German which means "Bon Voyage".