NEROTECA is not the one that could fit into my search in a perfect cafe. But this is the 2nd Italian that came into my cafe blog after il Pacioccone di Chianti in Kawasaki. Probably it was the feeling we get from Italian that resembles something we seek in cafe of warmth. I am not sure we will visit the place as frequent as we did in Kawasaki, but my wife did say that she would like to come again.

We ordered a antipasto which was a plate of different arrangement of fresh vegetables. It was just simple, nice and comfortable. The seafood pasta was also well served, just like the white chocolate mousse.

To be fair, I was not surprised by the authenticity of the food. I think we seek more in terms of great & fine food. But we spent four hours in this nice little Italian place in the heart of the hectic city. That, is something that should be shared:)

And one more thing to share with all - my wife wondered why is the surroundings seem so different and nearly ugly comparing to the nice building where NEROTECA sited. I understand her concern. And I also really sad for the city planning if there is really any. But maybe the city is just too young. We have more to learn and more to strive for. And I sincerely hope the nice dining experience could help us to build a better culture.


sculpting in time | 雕刻时光

Expecting, to see something special here in Beijing - we went to one of the sculpting in time cafe near the Drum Tower. I was interested in this cafe because of the owner's story of sculpting the cafe culture there. And I knew I had made the right choice once stepping inside the small entrance lounge.

We took the seat on the 2nd floor, on the wooden deck under the old tree. It was a nice afternoon, and it was fresh. Not only did the cafe tell me something new about the city, it tell me more about myself, about what I am seeking.