Paris Seveille

This is one of the best place to have cakes in Japan. The place is alwalys full of customers, and you can choose from 10 or more choices of delicious and nice decorated cakes everytime (if only you are lucky to still have them around before sold out). One of my favorite is "ムッシュアルノー(Monsieur Arnaud, or Musshu Aruno- in Japanese pronunciation)". The use of chocolate and hazelnut in this master piece is a irresistible harmony.

Although it is not a spacious cafe, it is a very nice place to enjoy the cakes with friends and family.

P.S. A tip for those who are visiting - around 1:30pm~2pm is the best timing to get a seat easily. I usually go to Paris Seveille after having lunch at the nearby SODA cafe.


  1. the cake really look so little to me. But i know if it is to big portion u wont really appreciate every bite u take right ... Human is a weird creature ...

  2. haha:) well, i think the portion is enough if you take 2. FYI, a piece costs more than RM20.