Lu's cafe

Ever had the feeling that there might be something inside the little box hanging on the ceiling corner (or any place that is unreachable for you), especially when there is an openning on it? And do you still have your childhood dream of finding treasure out of this wonderful world?
Yesterday, I saw that little box again in Lu's Cafe.

It was a sunny day on this half summer and half autumn kind of Japanese season. We were guided to a seat in a bright room. Almost everything in the cafe were filled with a little attraction, and a lots of affections.

The food was great too. I had the Lu's Cafe dried curry which was simple and tasty. I like the way they cooked the vegetable separately, and the arrangement of the dish seemed nice. The baked cheese cake we had for dessert was a good one too, but it was not as good as promoted by the cafe, a shame... but we did enjoy our cake:) And my wife ordered another chocolat cake, which I think the reason is because of the nice showcase.

Anyway, I think the interior was a successful one despite its surrounding and the noisy main road just in front of it. It is not easy to always have everything in the best condition of all.

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