home made cafe - 1st try

Ok, here are something that we have made a few days before during our holidays, when we bought a new oven. Although they were not that looking good or can be sold at any cafe, we learned a lot from them.

First, my wife made some pudding. At first when I tried it while it was still hot, it was not that good. But later after we put it in the fridge for a night, it turned tasty. Not bad for a first try. I know the photo does not seem that good, but we are still trying on the appearance...

I made these cookies because I thought it might be easy and I was curious about the honey as one of its ingredient. The cookies were successfully made, but they are just usual cookies. Well, at least I gave it a try. Maybe better luck next time.

And this, the ice cream that I have wanted to make for a long time. Honestly, I think I failed. Because it was more "ice" and there are no creamy part... I think I have to look for a better recipe.

Beside the three above, actually my wife also baked a very nice cheese cake. But unfortunately I could not take any nice photo despite the great taste. She still need to work on the texture of the cake. Looking forward to catch a nice shot.

Anyway, the next baking day will have to be scheduled in the end of October.

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