mois cafe

Yesterday was my 2nd visit to mois cafe in Shimokitazawa. My wife said she will definitely missed the place if it was not me who told her that it is a cafe. As you can see from the photos above, an old Japanese house was renovated and it is hardly any visible sign at the entrance. But that is the reason why I like the place. Nothing much though, it is comfortable and relaxing.

We did not have our lunch here because I just wanted to show my wife another approach of creating a special cafe. Although she did not think that this is a good example for Malaysian, we had a good time.

We ordered 2 dishes of sweets. One is a common blueberry cheese tart, another is a blancmange made of matcha, which I does not understand why they still calling it "blanc". Anyway, they were delicious.


  1. just wanted to say that i've bookedmarked your blog! really appreciate all your posts :)

  2. Thanks a lot!! Glad to know that you like it. Started the blog 2 years ago purely because of interest. Now we are operating our own cafe. Really busy everyday, hope to have more chances visiting all the nice cafes around the world, and update the blog as frequent as I can:)