Today was cloudy but I think this cafe helped to brighten up our mood. HATTIFNATT has a very small entrance door that we had to squeeze our shelves through it. It felt like entering the wonderland and you have to start looking for the rabbit. Passing by a small wooden door with all my curiosity, we took the stairs to the upper floor. The loft spaces were taken so we just chose a simple seat. But it really felt like a different world there. Even without those dolls for sale exhibited in the room, I think the atmosphere was nicely created.

We took some time looking around before we actually ordered for the food. The croque-monsieur (the upper photo below) was very nice though it was only a very simple mix of white sauce, cheese, and the toasts. The curry doria tasted very healthy and delicious too. However I had expect for a different menu which better reflect their concept for the cafe.

Anyway, I believe the true disappointment I had was due to the dessert which we could not order during the time we had visited for lunch. The dessert ordering starts on 3pm, which was not possible for us. And the dessert menu really looked good and share the concept of the cafe.

I could only hope for a second visit... for the dessert!


  1. why only hope for 2nd visit, why not 'MAKE' a second visit.. :) make the wish come true..

  2. coz I hv a dozen lists of cafe to be visited... and priority goes to those on the new list. Or maybe we can go there when u come to Japan next time? Hehe.

  3. oh yeah .. that's a great suggestion! I love this one. hehe

  4. Ok, then our next international conference will b held at this cafe..? haha.