shimauma cafe

We visited this shimauma cafe ("shimauma" means "zebra") after our little tour to Paris Seveille last Saturday in Jiyugaoka. Could you see the zebra sign on the glass screen? I am not sure why they call it shimauma cafe but it was told that there is a zebra doll inside. Anyway I did not care to find it because the reason I stepped in the cafe is that I saw it was ranked the 2nd best cafe in Jiyugaoka on a website.

I still doubt the ranking but undoubtedly the garlic rice was very good. It was a simple food but it tasted terrific. But I would prefer more vegetable for the dish, to make a more perfect balance considering the price of 900yen.

The kitchen was small. With only a staff preparing all the food and drinks. Or maybe the other staff who was taking the order will help if needed. But in either case, 2 staffs for a cafe of more than 25 seats is a hard work. Wonder if they can really manage it. Luckily we were the 2nd customer that day, did not have to wait very long.

And this is another weird item of the cafe. A show window where you can feel the atmosphere from the shop next door. I like the calm design, but I do not understand the reason of its being. Is there any connection with the zebra? Who knows...

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