Paris Seveille

Again, Paris Seveille. Countless visits... but still the same good taste. Delicious and beautiful, or should I say, elegant? Yesterday we took one of our Malaysian friend there. We talked about cakes, and patisseries in Malaysia (if there is any there). I understand that hoping the culture of having nice cakes to grow over there is very difficult now, but I still want to have that dream.

It is also true for the drinks. Like this orange flavor chocolat that I ordered almost every time, it is nothing like what I can have in my home town. It is perfect!!

I know I will have to start remember the name of those cakes. So that I can really understand and introduce them, and carry my dream to Malaysia.


  1. The one i ate!!Still wanna have it again!!

  2. Wow, good memory! Did I take you there? I could not remember.. cham...