This is yet another cafe which I think it has a very special spatial design, but need more effort in its food preparation. So I am just going to write about its approach, which I think is a good reference for cafe designer.

Located in the center of Daikanyama, a very fashionable town area in Tokyo, this cafe is on the 2nd floor of a boutique shop. The entrance is hardly visible from far away because the stair to the cafe is very narrow. And due to the higher-than-usual ceiling height of the boutique on the 1st floor, there are more steps to reach a usual 2nd floor. However, the limited width and the oversized height produce a very special feeling of the space. It feels like taking you to another dimension which is not common in our daily life.

Maybe it was because of the expectation raised by the entrance approach, that I anticipate a very special cafe - with a range of menu of surprise. Anyway, it is one of the design of approach that keep staying in my memory.

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