il Pacioccone di Chianti

Now it is almost once a month that we are having dinner here, a trattoria which I still cannot pronounce its name properly. Although It is not a very big place, and the seats are quite limited, we like the intimate and cozy feeling of the seats layout along the kitchen. The trattoria also reminds me my experience in Italy - the alley, waterway, bar, etc. - which I think is hard to find in the usual Italian restaurant in Tokyo.

The photo above show the bread we are served every time. It is very simple, but taste very nice. I like the way they serve using newspaper in Italian.

The food, it is the best! The pizza, you cannot miss it! We have tried different kinds of pizza every time, and we are amazed by its deliciousness each time. You should try the monthly specialty, where they prepare food of the season.

Today, My wife saw that they have small coffee cups on the counter. I wonder if they serve lunch like those bar in Italy. Well, we are going to find out when we go for the lunch.. soon.

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