Cafe Romano

Today we went to Kita-Kamakura for soumen (a kind of Japanese noodle that is served using a bamboo pipe with flowing water), and headed to Kamakura station after that on walk, while passing through some Japanese temples and shophouses. On the way we had a long silly talk in one of the temple, which we felt is not a very good manner, so we decided to continue our talks in a cafe. And that brought us to finding this nice cafe - Cafe Romano.

I found the sign board first after a few failed attempts, but we were not sure because there were leaflets saying 50% discount for all of the cakes. After some calculations for most Malaysian will do, we entered the cafe. And we ordered 5 of the cakes for each one of us, from the cakes menu which consisted only 5 items (haha). And who knows, they were good!

After we had the cakes which vanished in a sudden, we kept on talking about Malaysian's, remembering the food we had during our childhood, describing the taste, looks, memories, etc., and trying to help each for lost memories too. It was fun!

Once again, I was convinced that a really good cafe (or any piece of architecture) should not only provides nice menu or comfortable environment, but it must be a place where we can enjoy ourselves that we might not even remember where we are.

The cafe journey continues... :)

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