Somebody Cafe〡貳拾陸巷

Refreshing. Calm. Joy. Creative. Visionary. Dream...
Each every little detail in this room helps to create the strong character. It is not just somebody's cafe, it is really about something. It brings out the artist in me.

Walking along the streets in Ximending yesterday, we realized that the area was occupied by a lot of Japanese shops. Besides the Red Theater where there were special indoor workshops, we did not feel like walking anymore. That was when I remembered the reason we were there was because of Somebody Cafe. So straight we went into the alley looking for a cafe which I knew nothing about, just the feeling that it must be a very special one. And I was right.

Not only a drink, but a dream inside. This cafe is doing a lot for the people. This cafe has what it takes to be a Taiwanese cafe. There were a lot of aspects which were taken from western cafe, but you will also find the essence of local artistic approaches. It was nice.

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