Booday | 蘑菇

Booday, the last selection of cafe to be visited during our trip to Taipei. Located nearby MRT Zhongshan, the cafe is on the 2nd floor of a nice looking shop house. There is a concept store featuring goods designed by Booday on the 1st floor, where you will be welcomed by the well designed holistic concept. And the 3rd floor seems like their design studio.

It was a hot day, but it was cozy inside the store & the cafe (a bit cold after we sat there for 30 minutes though). I found a lots of similarities in details to those unique cafe in Japan but Taiwanese has their way to create a fusion, which I felt their own culture embedded in the environment. Again, just like the tote cafe we visited days before, I saw the warmth of a true cafe lifestyle. The main actor is not the cafe, but the people within.

We had a cheese cake, a fresh orange juice and a plate of handmade bread with mushroom. It was just simple & nice, like what a cafe should be.

Leaving Booday means no more cafe in Taiwan, at least for another few years to come. Anyway we were very lucky to have all the satisfying visits within one week. Money spent (because it is more expensive comparing to the local specialties), but it was worth it to learn about the cafe culture. Hopefully, all these cafe will still be there the next time we visit:)


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  2. Your blog is just great! It is amazing that all over the world people are "crazy" about nice, beautiful and unique Cafes. And your photos are so very well done! Hope you are going on that way!
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