Chocoholic 巧克哈客

It was not an easy choice especially when you are visiting a gourmet town with all the local specialties that should not be missed. But I was firmed on this and we finally took the venture to our first cafe experience in Taipei, located at YongKang street.

The surroundings were hard to imagine after we stepped into the small room, which was totally different and unexpected. It was a lovely place with all the detailed chocoholical approach. It is no doubt a nice creation and an add-on to the gourmet or architecture map.

Being overloaded with food from YongKang street, we just ordered the famous classic hot chocolate and a iced natural chocolate. We thought we can make a comparison but it turned out that we made a mistake. The hot chocolate was nice, but after we paid the bill and leaving the cafe, my wife saw the nice chocolate dessert in the showcase, when she suddenly realized that that was what we should have ordered even though we was full. Too bad, too late. The lesson was learned - to plan in advance the order of gourmet visits.

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