Being disappointed by most of the cafe experiences I had around KL/PJ, the search for quality cafe went beyond to the historical town of the straights - Malacca. Before we started the journey, actually an idea came to me that good cafe could possibly resides in remote areas where the owners are more concern about the overall quality than just money, money, money like those in cities. But now I think I was too naive about it because you just cannot trust a Malaysian too easily. Too bad. Too shame.

Anyway, the visit to Nadeje was a good one. There are a lot of blogging about it but to be fair and honest, I think they do a great job in promoting cafe gastronomy in Malaysia. Nothing much, we tried only their famous Mille crepe. Although Mille crepe is originally from French, it seems that the introduction of it by the Japanese owner of Nadeje created a perception that it is from Japan. Maybe it was me who is wrong about the story, but I sincerely hope proper education comes with the food itself. I understand that sometimes we just need to enjoy it without knowing much, but I believe it is education that we Malaysian need the most now.

Other than the nice Mille crepe, you can find they serve usual menu like the usual Japanese restaurant in Malaysia. There is also nothing special about the beverages. The ice coffee I had is simply coffee with ice. The taste was bad comparing to what the experience offered by the crepe.

As for the holistic approach that I seek from cafe, I think it is just an ok for cafe like Nadeje. The reason that I am so harsh about it is because I believe the owner has the ability to provide a better experience. And I hope they will do better and better in the coming future.

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