le passionne

We went to this cafe in Hartamas Shopping Center today. We were told that the barista is a foreigner and the coffee is good because westerner is more serious about espresso. Well, we did not find out about the real coffee because we just had a simple meal with a affogato, and a scoop of homemade ice cream. We wanted to try more but too bad we had too much espresso and cappuccino in the morning...

Maybe, our choice was not a good one. The food is ok but not as what we have had expected. However, one thing I am grateful is we can have the choices such as affogato, baked potato (oh I wanted to have it...), Swiss chocolate, etc here in this tropical city. Maybe the reason it is hard to really have the true taste is because of the hot weather here, or the culture here in Malaysia.

This country is still on a learning path, so as we do:)
I believe we will have more and more great stuff coming if we have faith in us, while always seeking for the best of all.

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