departure lounge

It was not easy to find a nice cafe in KL, which is a place for everyone and not only for those who is affordable. With some expectations and some doubts, we visited this cafe departure lounge this afternoon. It is located in Mont Kiara, where many expatriates are enjoying their stay in KL now.

We had a specialty sandwich and a pasta. It was nice, really. They have the taste and quality which we are searching for. And as for the cafe latte I had, well it was fine too. But the way they served it in a transparent glass was not what I am looking for. You will understand when you touch the hot glass, and the texture of its mouth when your lips found it. Maybe they have their intention on this, but I prefer a porcelain cup with thick mouth section.

For the cafe concept including the whole interior make up, well I have a lots more complaints but I will keep it to myself. Because I would like to praise Malaysian for making a great effort to create a nice cafe in spite of the culture here - to buy cheap and ask for more. However, I think it is a pity if every time I have to visit places like Mont Kiara to have a decent cup of nice espresso in Malaysia.

Way to go but, cafe in Malaysia need to be more creative:)

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