the apartment

Located in the Curve, actually the apartment is more a restaurant & bar than a cafe. But to me, it has the ambient feeling that I am seeking for a cafe. And I like their effort in building a very nice place with their appreciation for urban culture. Besides that, their food is nice too. Well, this is the holistic approach that I believe a cafe should have. Why? Because they are not just modern kopitiam. And personally I do not like the way our society to create "Old Taste", "Home Town", etc. out of the famous "Old Town". The mindset of replicating successful stories not necessary bring us the wealth our society need. But kindly note that I am not against any genuine efforts or the existing of kopitiam. I like kopitiam, and I go to one all the times. And at the same time I also believe we deserve alternative places like cafe, just like what the apartment said, "alternative spaces to inhabit".

You might feel that I am more in the architectural part than the food. Yes, I did not study architecture for 7 years for nothing (haha). And no, I did not forget about the food and also the overall business environment. There are more about the apartment that we can explore, but one thing for sure is I prefer to have places like this in our usual surrounding. Places like a cafe should not be something that you have to raise your level of lifestyle to access it. It would be a waste for the people. And that is one of our society problem I see after few months of exploring cafe around KL/PJ, the heart of Malaysia.

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