after you (Central World Branch)

Maybe it is our stereotype thingking, that we do not usually go to cafe in shopping mall. But due to the limited visiting time in Bangkok and the unbelievably over-crowded after you in Central World, we decided to take our chances.

Luckily we did. And had our two delicately, beautifully, wonderful desserts in Bangkok. But mind you, for those Malaysian looking for giant sizes dessert, this is not your place.

We had a chocolate lava and a baked Fuji Apple crumble with soy custard sauce. The taste, the texture, we loved them. The details? I will leave it for your own discovery.

Is it very common in Bangkok to have so many branches of cafe while still calling them unique? This was the question in my mind. There are 8 branches of after you, and the one in Siam Paragon was also unexpectedly crowded, even on weekdays!

One thing for sure, I like their culture of enjoying life.

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  1. I would like to visit Bangkok someday, nice info ^^