La France

First of all, no photo because shooting is not allowed. But either way I would like to introduce this Cafe La France because it is one of the best place I have been to in Penang. Well, definitely not because of the French-like privacy we get when we were there - our companion complained about the no-smile service; but the quality of the food, c'est fantastique!

Although we were not having a full course menu in a high-end dining, every dishes was nicely served. The croissant was nice and reminded me of what we had in Paris, comparing to those just-the-shape-of-croissant-local-"certain"-bread in Malaysia. Yes, you are right that we seek genuine food. Just like how we perceive the "modern" Tiramisu locally in the previous post about the China House - but don't get me wrong; we love fusion and creativity in food, but we believe those should be established on the basis of sincerity.

Other than the croissant, crepes and soup, we wished we could try more but cakes and drinks before dinner limited our storage. Next time, sure we will be back again.    

And let's be fair about the service. We all know about cultural differences, so we should not simply compare or complain. And since me myself is also working in our very own cafe, you never know whether it's a bad day. As long as the waiter/waitress is polite to us, I think it's ok. 

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