Muntri Mews

We were driving around the narrow Love Lane yesterday, looking for the possible sparks during the special day. But fate brought us into Muntri instead, where we decided to land our heart.

At first we went into Moontree 47, a nice little one in a heritage townhouse. But LC who's pregnant now could not stay because of the heat, so we had to leave for another one nearby which has air conditioning - the Muntri Mews.

The place was just cozy, and quite comfortable for a pregnant lady. She enjoyed very much the sofa seat by the wall. And we ordered a Tiramisu and a cappuccino for a relaxing afternoon.

The desserts, nothing surprises; but the coffee served in a classic porcelain bowl looks interesting. The taste, a bit bitter compare to the one at Lighthouse, but not bad.

It was not something so special, but nevertheless we spent a nice little afternoon - discussing for hours about our own cafe p.a.t.h., etc. 

Life is great:)

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