Lighthouse Coffee

It's been a while since our last visit to any cafe. We get to know this coffee house from one of our guest at p.a.t.h., the barista from Lighthouse Coffee himself. So here we are, on our day off, gathering with our friends at this lovely place in Georgetown.

LC loves the place so much. She said it has the genuine feeling of a coffee house, not just like any shop that play with the decor, and does not care much about the food & beverages.

Well I myself enjoyed my coffee too. Nothing more and nothing less, it's just the perfect balance I want. But I feel something is missing from the environment, I believe more can be done to make the place better.

Anyway we will be back again, to try the Tiramisu and more espresso:)


  1. Moshi Moshi^^! This is my first time posting comments on your blog, I'm absolutely in love with your articles about all the cafes that you share all over the world, thank you and keep up the good work. Looking forward to more of your posts ^0^


  2. Hi, happy to know that you like them:) Recently we are busy with our own little cafe so for the time being visits to cafe will be very limited. Will definitely visit again whenever possible:)