home made cafe - again

Last week, LC had made her pudding to a certain level - that we do not need to buy any from supermarket ever from now - but I am still having hard time with my espresso. Although she said that my cappuccino tastes like those in the cafe, I think there is still a long way toward successful crema. Luckily, I had some good news from my venture in bread baking.

Yesterday was my 2nd try in baking walnut bread with maple syrup. I failed again in creating the desired shape, but I managed to bake a softer one. And it tasted sweeter than my first attempt. Furthermore, I ate the bread this morning and it was still very soft and nice. I know it was just a very simple bread compare to those in the boulangerie, but I think I deserve some little compliment for making the bread in a very small kitchen with the space limited to no more than 20cm wide ( and yes, LC deserves it too:) ).

Anyway, I believe the failures in my bread baking will be the road to success, just like my espresso. Little but not less, finally I saw my crema coming out. From brewing an espresso too fast in a few seconds, I saw the light after changing the bean's grinding last week ( the first picture below ). And yesterday after I changed the tamping pressure, I got more crema ( the second picture ). It was not the latte art that I had wanted, but at least I think I am on the right path:)

Actually, I was thinking to make a mocha yesterday but it was a waste not to try the crema so I ended up with a cappuccino. So many to try and so interesting, with an artist ended up making art in brewing and baking... haha. I hope I can start drawing and painting with my food soon:)

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  1. I bought an oven and got some recipes too..hv to teach me how to bake!