Cafe des Deux Moulins

On our third day staying at Montmartre, we went to this cafe after the visit to le Moulins de la Galette. I did not know that there is an actual cafe for the film Amelie, but I found it while searching for places to visit around Montmartre. And since it is very near to Moulin Rouge, I decided to take a look on the way.

At first, I did not even know that it is called Cafe des "Deux Moulins" despite my visits to both Moulins de la Galette and Moulins Rouge. They just looked so special and attractive.

I do not remember much about the scene in Amelie, but I think the cafe still has parts of the feel from the film. The curved counter and ceiling decor reminded me about the touch.

We were not really in a mood to have anything after our lunch, but we ordered the creme brulee because that is what I remembered most about the film. And I think most of the visitors did that because even if we cannot find the item on the menu, and we merely asked for a dessert menu, the waiter asked whether creme brulee is what we were seeking. And it tasted good:)

Unexpectedly, we decided to stay longer there because it was very warm inside and we like the atmosphere too (Actually, I think my wife wanted to stay longer because she found WIFI there:p). Well, that created a chance for me to visit the toilet, which I think who ever saw Amelie knows how special a place the toilet is...

We left the cafe after one or two hour, after crowds of tourists coming in and out. A cafe with mostly the memory from a famous movie, I wonder what was it like long before it became famous.

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