Finally, I went to HAMA CAFE. I saw this cafe when I first visited Osanbashi in Yokohama a few years ago ( For info about Osanbashi, pls visit http://www.osanbashi.com/en/index.html ). The cafe felt interesting because of its location and the surrounding. But I had never have the chance to really step inside... until yesterday.

Just as I imagined, it is not spacious inside. Simple, easy. The compact kitchen and the room of 4-5 tables is separated by a decorative tile counter. There is nothing much, but it is enough for simple meals. And we had a nice Saturday's lunch - a plate of Keema curry, a cream spaghetti, and a Tiramisu.

Oh and one more thing, I like the idea to sell popcorn by the entrance. During our lunch, we saw a mother bought a pack of popcorn for her child. Ever had the memory that when you are small, the eagerly feeling to grasp that popcorn or the cotton candy when you passing by the shop, to be charmed by the sweet taste in the air.

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