SUZU cafe

Oh this is one of the worst cafe that I have ever visited in Tokyo. The atmosphere is so-so but the food is not good. I think my wife's Peperonchino is much more better than the one that I ordered. But anyway, the reason that I am posting this cafe is because I have a hypothetical proposition about the way Japanese acts toward cafe or, the food served in cafe. I think it is a well-known conception that Japanese cuisine is very good on the appearance. And truly the beauty of it can be considered an artistic approach. But I think that some might only taste on the food appearance, and do not really even understand the real taste of the dishes. To be honest, and fair, I like most of the Japanese food. There is no doubt about that. But the way their modern culture "evolved" make me start wondering about the true essence of the food served in some restaurants, etc.

If you need a place just simply to have a short rest, well SUZU cafe can be the place. I am not against it. It is just around the corner by OIOI building in the center of Shibuya - one of the best over-advertised-area of Tokyo.

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