T.Y. Harbor Brewery

We found this special place in a remote area in Tokyo by surprise. At first I planned to go there at Friday's night but I was told that it is full when I called. But I am glad we can make it on Saturday's afternoon. Because among the cafe or restaurant in Tokyo that I have known for so far, it is the only one that located by riverside with a very fantastic environment and menu. And I like the idea of reusing a warehouse. We took a seat by the river this time, but I am also looking forward to the interior seats next time where I can learn the unique spatial structure and their adaptation to modern cafe.

Besides the architectural aspects, you will also find that the food is not the usual everyday stuff of this metropolis. For the dishes that we had ordered, I think they were mostly American. Although the price is a bit higher for a usual lunch, we thought it is resonable. And we are definitely going to come again for its dinner :)

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